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Girls Soccer


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2021 - 2022 All-State

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Ms. Soccer
Lily Boyden, Skyline, Sr., F
Washington State commit led Skyline to a perfect season by scoring 34 goals and recording 12 assists.

5A Player of the Year
Sammie Sofonia, Murray, Sr., F
Scored 31 goals this season and finished her career with 116 goals and 26 assists.

5A Humanitarian of the Year
Mallory Goodfellow, Alta
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5A Playoff MVP
Lily Boyden, Skyline, F

5A First Team
Presley Devey, Cedar Valley, Sr. — 50 goals.
Sadie Beardall, Bonneville, Jr. — 22 goals, 10 assists.
Allie Fryer, Maple Mountain, Sr. — 24 goals, 10 assists.
Lataya Brost, Timpanogos, Sr. — 17 goals, 7 assists.
Rozlin Gomez, Skyline, Sr. — 10 goals, 11 assists.
Summer Diamond, Bonneville, Jr. — 10 goals, 7 assists.
Emma Neff, Olympus, Sr. — 6 goals, 4 assists.
Ally Dahl, Lehi, Sr. — 10 goals, 4 assists.
Berlyn Dibble, Skyline, Sr. — Great distributor.
Gabby Carlson, Bonneville, Sr. — Defensive anchor.
Tobin Hutchings, Timpanogos, Sr. — 3 goals out of back.
Clara Love, Skyline, So. — Poised fast defender.
Brianna Frey, Skyline, Sr. — 10 shutouts.
Hayley Ogden, Lehi, Jr. — 10 shutouts.

5A Second Team
Ali Swensen, Skyline, Sr.
Stephanie Roper, Lehi, Jr.
Kelly Bullock, Olympus, Sr.
Summer Christensen, Timpanogos, Jr.
Kate Howes, Woods Cross, Sr.
Sierra Pennock, Timpanogos, Sr.
Ellie Ford, Timpview, Jr.
Erin Dahl, Lehi, So.
Jordan Denton, Maple Mountain, Sr.
Adysen Miller, Lehi, Sr.
Callie Blaylock, East, So.
Sailor Jensen, Murray, Sr.
Ellie Scholer, Bonneville, Sr.
Bryanna Hofheins, Salem Hills, Sr.

5A Honorable Mention
Sarah Oyler, Timpview, So.
Danica Silvestri, Stansbury, Jr.
Elyse Jessen, Alta, Jr.
Cadence Young, Brighton, Sr.
Matilyn Ball, Viewmont, Sr.
Jimena Fuentes, Provo, Jr.
Jenna Nichols, Skyline, So.
Kylee Carrick, Salem Hills, Sr.
Karime Antonio, Murray, Sr.
Calista Wren, Lehi, Sr.
Mia Feldman, East, Jr.
Brooklyn Blaylock, East, Sr.
Hope Munson, Olympus, Fr.
Kenzie Taylor, Woods Cross, Jr.
Lizzie Dunn, Olympus, Sr.
Jane Wimmer, Alta, Sr.
Emmy Boren, Highland, Jr.
Monica Garcia, Salem Hills, So.
Callie Droitsch, Olympus, Sr.
Paiton Collins, Maple Mountain, Jr.
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4A Player of the Year
Baylie Baldwin, Mountain Crest, Sr., F
Led Mountain Crest to the 4A state championship by racking up 15 goals and 15 assists.

4A Humanitarian of the Year
Alyssa Garr, Desert Hills
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4A Playoff MVP
Dakota Andersen, Mountain Crest, GK

4A First Team
Jantzyn Losee, Crimson Cliffs, Sr. — 18 goals, 4 assists.
Macy Hellstern, Sky View, Sr. — 17 goals, 5 assists.
Addie Zollinger, Ridgeline, Sr. — 6 goals, 3 assists.
Ellie Hendrix, Desert Hills, So. — 8 goals, 10 assists.
Hadli Barrera, Mountain Crest, Fr. — 13 goals, 8 assists.
Delaney Gibbons, Sky View, Jr. — 6 goals, 18 assists.
Allie Blanchard, Crimson Cliffs, Sr. — 4 goals, 8 assists.
Emma DeBerard, Green Canyon, Sr. — 5 goals, 5 assists.
Emalee Plewe, Crimson Cliffs, Sr. — Heart of defense.
Carly Eubanks, Ridgeline, Sr. — Defense had 9 shutouts.
Talia Winder, Green Canyon, Sr. — Anchored defense.
Hannah Womack, Sky View, Sr. — Phenomenal speed.
Ellie Nielsen, Crimson Cliffs, Sr. — 3 PK saves in semis.
Milly Garren, Logan, Sr. — 213 saves.

4A Second Team
Kate Young, Crimson Cliffs, Sr.
Rylan Tebbs, Cedar, So.
Addyson Sofonia, Mountain Crest, So.
Mia Lopez, Logan, Fr.
Caitlyn Parry, Ridgeline, Jr.
Kimberly Morales, Dixie, Jr.
Amelia Zilles, Mountain Crest, Sr.
Emily Gibb, Crimson Cliffs, Sr.
Maddie George, Desert Hills, Sr.
Paige Chris, Snow Canyon, So.
Brittney Egbert, Mountain Crest, Jr.
Summer Sofonia, Mountain Crest, Fr.
Dakota Andersen, Mountain Crest, Sr.
Grace Glover, Sky View, Sr.

4A Honorable Mention
Katelyn Leavitt, Pine View, Sr.
Lilly Wittwer, Snow Canyon, So.
Hali’a Pelton, Dixie, So.
Brynlee Johnston, Pine View, Sr.
Hannah Heaton, Desert Hills, So.
Ashlee Harris, Snow Canyon, So.
Emma Lloyd, Pine View, Sr.
Madisen Clegg, Snow Canyon, Jr.
Emma Browning, Logan, Jr.
Austin Miller, Green Canyon, So.
Kierra Reid, Dixie, Jr.
Taygen Overall, Desert Hills, So.
Rhauli Barrera, Mountain Crest, Jr.
Reese Heninger, Ridgeline, Sr.
Bentli Barrera, Mountain Crest, Fr.
Reese Thurston, Sky View, So.
Aisey Gargano, Desert Hills, Jr.
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3A Player of the Year
Neveah Peregrina, Ogden, So., MF
Led Ogden to a state championship by scoring 13 goals and seven assists. Very creative midfielder, scored game-winner in final.

3A Humanitarian of the Year
Cami Wood, Union
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3A Playoff MVP
Emily Blackford, Ogden, GK

3A First Team
Lacie Poll, Morgan, Fr. — 21 goals, 10 assists.
Mckenzie Allen, Grantsville, Jr. — 24 goals, 6 assists.
Tori Kalista, Ogden, Sr. — 13 goals, 9 assists.
Taij’a Anderson, RSL Academy, Jr. — 14 goals, 8 assists.
Caeli Sherman, Judge Memorial, Sr. — 23 goals, 4 assists.
Celine Butters, Ogden, Sr. — Defensive engine.
Selam Binegar, RSL Academy, Jr. — Holding mid.
Karla Borst, Manti, Sr. — 6 goals, 5 assists.
Sae Obayashi, Ogden, Sr. — Anchor of 12 shutouts.
Leah Huegly, RSL Academy, Sr. — Athletic center back.
Aya Obayashi, Ogden, Jr. — Key to 12 shutouts.
Josephine Kay, Juab, Sr. — Aggressive center back.
Kate Borgmeier, Judge Memorial, Sr. — 6 shutouts.
Alondra Perez, RSL Academy, Sr. — 10 shutouts.

3A Second Team
Breanne Wayman, Manti, Sr.
Kate Robinson, Richfield, Sr.
Brecklee Charlton, Morgan, Jr.
Hailey Mezenen, Juan Diego, Jr.
Henci Stephensen, Delta, Jr.
Aspen Telford, Morgan, Sr.
Natalie Morrell, Juab, Jr.
Cora Anderson, RSL Academy, Sr.
Beverly Lancaster, Carbon, Jr.
Kallie Cherry, Ogden, So.
Brooklyn Winters, Canyon View, Sr.
Janessa Bridges, Manti, Jr.
Miya Turner, Morgan, So.
Mia Rasmussen, Union, Sr.

3A Honorable Mention
CheyAnn Lewis, Juab, Sr.
Riley Massey, RSL Academy, Sr.
Amiah Timothy, Carbon, So.
Aubrey Riser, Union, Sr.
Emily Blanchard, RSL Academy, So.
Jasmari Nolasco, Ben Lomond, Sr.
Kaydence Wardell, Morgan, So.
Morgan Chidester, Manti, Jr.
Kinley Cowdell, Carbon, Jr.
Eden Hall, Juab, Jr.
DJ Castaneda, Grantsville, Jr.
Breck Jones, Judge Memorial, Sr.
Cami Wood, Union, Sr.
Elizabeth Whitworth, Grantsville, Sr.
Stephanie Dearden, Richfield, Jr.
Madison Scottorn, Manti, Jr.
Courtney Hillyard, Canyon View, Sr.
Emma Toone, Morgan, Fr.
Jonna Tucker, Juan Diego, Sr.
Nikole Johnson, Canyon View, Sr.
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2A Player of the Year
Seven Castain, Waterford, Sr., MF
Set state scoring record with 71 goals to go along with her 18 assists. TCU signee recorded four goals in the state championship.

2A Humanitarian of the Year
Carolyn Marlin, Waterford
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2A Playoff MVP
Seven Castain, Waterford, MF

2A First Team
Lizzie Carlin, Rowland Hall, Sr. — 13 goals.
Catherine Miller, Maeser Prep, Jr. — 44 goals.
Grace Morris, Waterford, Fr. — 26 goals, 18 assists.
Kara Camp, Millard, Jr. — 34 goals, 26 assists.
Izzi Stratton, American Heritage, Sr. — Defensive mid.
Summer Connery, Rowland Hall, Sr. — 29 goals, 9 assists.
Paige Connery, Rowland Hall, So. — 13 goals, 11 assists.
Karlee Wood, Parowan, Sr. — 31 goals, 12 assists.
Annika Marshall, Waterford, So. — Center back, 3 assists.
Julia Ostrander, Waterford, Jr. — Center back, 5 assists.
Alex Walker, St. Joseph, So. — Anchored defense.
Maile Fukushima, Rowland Hall, Jr. — 5 goals as center back.
McKenzie Munson, St. Joseph, Sr. — 5 shutouts.
Micha Nenbee, Rowland Hall, Sr. — Saved 4 PKs.

2A Second Team
Abby Gough, St. Joseph, Fr.
Zakrie Smith, Rowland Hall, So.
Taylor Johnson, Parowan, Sr.
Adeline Lin, Waterford, Sr.
Ciera Aguirre, St. Joseph, Sr.
Anelie Peterson, Maeser Prep, Sr.
Molly Mascardo, Waterford, So.
Madeline Morris, Waterford, Sr.
Mary Bocock, Rowland Hall, Sr.
Elisabeth Bocock, Rowland Hall, Jr.
Avery Peterson, Maeser Prep, Jr.
Amber Dankwa, Draper APA, So.
Brooklyn Hulet, Parowan, Jr.
Kennedy Gillins, Beaver, Sr.

2A Honorable Mention
Maycee Andersen, Parowan, Jr.
Kaitlyn Bates, Rowland Hall, Sr.
Paige Cummings, Millard, Sr.
Alessia Massinople, Waterford, So.
Taylor Gibson, South Sevier, Jr.
Elizabeth Pugh, San Juan, Sr.
Ryleigh Laws, San Juan, Jr.
Mackenzie White, Rowland Hall, Fr.
Makenzy Lockwood, Draper APA, Fr.
Emmalie Peterson, South Sevier, Sr.
Grace Baranko, Rowland Hall, Sr.
Beatrix Wall, Rowland Hall, So.
Ella Stohl, American Heritage, Sr.
Bella Robinson, Parowan, So.
Hannah Koyle, Millard, Sr.
Kaydee Marshall, Beaver, Sr.
Kierra Covington, Parowan, Sr.
Vicky Memmott, Maeser Prep, So.
Bailey Tillman, American Heritage, Sr.
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6A Player of the Year
Belle Christensen, Riverton, Sr., F
Led Riverton to first-ever state championship as she finished the season with 26 goals, 12 assists.

6A Humanitarian of the Year
Tatum Frazier, Lone Peak
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6A Playoff MVP
Mariana Regla, Riverton, Sr., MF

6A First Team
Erin Bailey, Layton, Sr. — 27 goals, 4 assists.
Morganne McCleary, Riverton, Sr. — 15 goals, 6 assists.
Abby Schofield, Syracuse, Jr. — 10 goals, 13 assists.
Tess Werts, Corner Canyon, Sr. — 11 goals, 4 assists
Mariana Regla, Riverton, Sr. — D-mid, 4 goals, 3 assists.
Cortney Cobabe, Syracuse, Jr. — 17 goals, 10 assists.
Brooklyn Nelson, Layton, Sr. — D-mid, 1 goal, 2 assists.
Lacy Fox, Lone Peak, Sr. — 9 goals, 4 assists.
Taylor O’Farrell, Riverton, Sr. — Outside back, 5 goals, 6 assists.
Adrianna Ashby, Riverton, Sr. — Center back, 3 assists.
Hadlie Bullock, Skyridge, Sr. — 1 goal, 4 assists.
Alexa Balls, Skyridge, Sr. — Anchored defense.
Taygan Sill, Davis, Sr. — 9 shutouts, 3 goals against.
Dylan Huff, Riverton, Sr. — 4.5 shutouts, 14 goals against.

6A Second Team
Camryn Jorgensen, Lone Peak, Sr.
Greta Davis, Bingham, Jr.
Sayler Schlosser, Lone Peak, Sr.
Olivia Barlow, Skyridge, Sr.
Whitney Garn, Riverton, Sr.
Nicole Lewis, American Fork, Jr.
Hallie Tripp, Corner Canyon, Sr.
Emily Auman, Skyridge, Sr.
Dakota Merino, Syracuse, Jr.
Elle Young, Lone Peak, Jr.
Emery Jacobs, Davis, Jr.
Campbell Erickson, Westlake, Sr.
Rilee Godfrey, Layton, Sr.
Eva Chenn, Lone Peak, Sr.

6A Honorable Mention
Megan Walker, Riverton, Sr.
Pyper Vance, Westlake, Sr.
Indie Winterton, Pleasant Grove, Sr.
Cortnee Johnson, Mountain Ridge, Sr.
Kylie Olsen, Skyridge, Jr.
Saige Stuart, Mountain Ridge, Sr.
Afton Perry, Westlake, Fr.
Ashley Cardozo, Taylorsville, So.
Brooklyn Phongsavath, Davis, Fr.
Kyla Jennings, Westlake, Sr.
Olivia Driggs, Skyridge, Sr.
Kaeda Wilson, Copper Hills, So.
Caroline Bitner, Davis, Sr.
Brooke Taylor, Farmington, Sr.
Hailey Gadd, Davis, Sr.
Lilly Bailey, Weber, Sr.
Ella Willardson, Herriman, Jr.
Kya Parke, Fremont, Jr.
Kamryn Willoughby, Pleasant Grove, Sr.
Mia Roberts, Bingham, Jr.