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2021 - 2022 All-State

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2A Player of the Year
Marci Richins, North Summit, MB, Sr.
Led North Summit to the 2A state title, finishing the season with 600 kills, 167 blocks and 271 digs. She hit .381 for the season and .506 in the state tournament.

2A Humanitarian of the Year
Mary DeGraffenried, Millard
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2A First Team
Kennedi Knudsen, Gunnison Valley, OH, Sr. — 612 kills, 325 digs, 2,009 career kills.
Ruby Stokes, North Summit, S, Sr. — 956 assists, 309 digs, 27 aces, 42 blocks.
Grayce Glover, Kanab, S, Sr. — 1,030 assists, 51 aces, 253 digs, 79 kills.
Noah Moyle, Enterprise, MB, Sr. — 391 kills, 56 block kills, 295 digs, 39 aces.
Alexa Robinson, South Sevier, OH, Sr. — 90.1% serving, 464 kills, 348 digs.
Savannah Richins, North Summit, MH, Sr. — 203 kills, .225% hitting, 59 blocks.
Raven Pickett, Gunnison Valley, L, Sr. — 373 digs, 96.1% serving, 40 aces.

2A Second Team
Aubree Lunt, Millard, OH, Sr. — 40 aces, 351 serve receive, 234 kills, 196 digs.
AubryAnn Burrell, Gunnison Valley, S, Sr. — 810 assists, 271 digs.
Madi Orton, Kanab, OH, Jr. — 401 kills, 30 blocks, .204% hitting.
Treshor Phelps, Enterprise, S, Sr. — 971 assists, 459 digs, 49 kills, 30 aces.
Aspen Okerlund, South Sevier, S, Sr. — 96.6% serving, 39 aces, 685 assists, 332 digs.
Baylee Clayburn, Duchesne, OH, Sr. — 321 kills, .266% hitting, 42 blocks.
Gracee Johnson, North Sevier, OH, Sr. — 32 aces, 254 kills, 8 assists, 6 blocks, 294 digs.

2A Third Team
Mary DeGraffenried, Millard, OH, Sr.
Kelsey Grant, Duchesne, OH, Jr.
Abbey Bateman, Kanab, MB, Sr.
London Fenus, Kanab, L, Jr.
BrynLey Huber, Enterprise, OH, So.
Izzi Stratton, American Heritage, MB, Sr.
Sarah Snell, St. Joseph, RS, Jr.

2A Honorable Mention
Halle Hutchings, Beaver, OH, Sr.
Madison Adams, Parowan, L, So.
Hallie Nielsen, Duchesne, MB, Sr.
Joslyn Street, South Sevier, L, Sr.
Kenzlee Carter, Beaver, DS/L, Sr.
Caroline Lotulelei, Waterford, OH, Sr.
Katelyn Sumner, St. Joseph, L, Jr.
Maggee McRae, South Sevier, M, Sr.
Emilie Gilberg, Kanab, OH, Fr.
Talia Alisa, Beaver, MB, So.
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5A Player of the Year
Jordyn Harvey, Bountiful, OH, Jr.
Led Bountiful to 5A state title, finishing the season with 375 kills, 229 digs, 63 aces, 20 blocks and a .267 hitting percentage.

5A Humanitarian of the Year
Jasmine Sisar, Stansbury
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5A First Team
Silina Damuni, Timpview, S, Jr. — 940 assists, 58 blocks, 274 digs, 48 aces.
Mia Lee, Mountain View, OPP, Jr. — 393 kills, .364 hitting, 65 blocks.
Brielle Rueckert, Timpview, MB, Sr. — .435 hitting, 305 kills, 89 blocks.
Taliah Lee, Timpview, OH, Jr. — 421 kills, .265 hitting, 206 digs, 37 aces, 31 blocks.
Olivia Gloeckner, Skyline, OPP, Sr. — 159 kills, .304 hitting, 27 blocks.
Evalyn Chism, Bountiful, S, Jr. — 912 assists, 52 blocks, 246 digs, 96 kills.
Brielle Miller, Mountain View, L, Jr. — 502 digs, 62 aces, 1.92 passing.

5A Second Team
Taylor Snow, Salem Hills, MB, Sr. — 337 kills, .374 hitting, 60 aces, 89 blocks.
Avery Shewell, Lehi, OH, Sr. — 74 aces, 401 kills, 28 blocks, 290 digs.
Olivia Ruy, Woods Cross, OH, Jr. — 350 kills, .245 hitting, 59 aces, 37 blocks, 303 digs.
Emrie Satuala, Bountiful, MB, Sr. — 212 kills, .314 hitting, 60 blocks.
Tessa Treanor, Salem Hills, OH, Jr. — 352 kills, .225 hitting, 268 digs, 69 aces.
Kaylin Scott, Mountain View, S, Jr. — 1,031 assists, 76 kills, .487 hitting, 305 digs, 54 blocks.
Saane Katoa, Woods Cross, OH/MB, Sr. — 233 kills, .199 hitting, 34 aces, 230 digs, 46 blocks.

5A Third Team
Taylor Harvey, Bountiful, MB, Fr.
Mia Liddiard, Skyline, S, Sr.
Marly Pratt, Maple Mountain, OH, So.
Lucy Perez, Mountain View, OH, Jr.
Morgan Pratt, Maple Mountain, S, So.
Savannah Cottam, Brighton, OH, Sr.
Bailee Holland, Lehi, L, Sr.

5A Honorable Mention
Mattie Prior, Park City, OH, Sr.
Francesca Gazani Bazan, Hillcrest, L, Jr.
Eunice Garcia, Timpview, L, Jr.
Nora Campbell, Woods Cross, L, Sr.
Jettlee Ioane, Maple Mountain, L, Jr.
Gracie Keisel, Maple Mountain, OH, Jr.
Graysen Trupp, Brighton, RS, Sr.
Amanda Sivert, Uintah, L, Sr.
Bree Schriever, Skyline, OH, Sr.
Brinley Hardy, Salem Hills, S, Sr.
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Ms. Volleyball
Hailee Garcia, Syracuse, S, Sr.
Finished her career as the all-time career assists leader with 3,311 total assists. Racked up 146 assists in the 6A state tournament.

6A Player of the Year
KJ Burgess, Lone Peak, MB, Sr.
Led Lone Peak to 6A state title by racking up 183 kills, 105 blocks, 40 aces and a .375 hitting percentage

6A Humanitarian of the Year
Avery Fowler, Pleasant Grove
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6A First Team
Maggie Mendelson, Fremont, OH/RS, Jr. — 407 kills, .294 hitting, 59 aces, 51 blocks, 138 digs.
Ashley Gneiting, Pleasant Grove, OH, Sr. — 385 kills, 64 aces, 32 blocks, 288 digs.
Lolo Fonua, Copper Hills, RS, Sr. — 448 kills, .370 hitting, 51 blocks, 39 aces.
Rose Moore, Skyridge, S/OPP, Sr. — 70 aces, 431 assists, 235 kills, 229 digs.
Randi Reeves, Copper Hills, L, Sr. — 437 serve-receive, 123 assists.
Sadie Scoville, Pleasant Grove, OH, Sr. — 332 kills, 49 aces, 27 blocks, 216 digs.
Kinley Swan, Lone Peak, MB, Sr. — 157 kills, .347 hitting, 94 blocks.

6A Second Team
Elle Hutchings, Copper Hills, OH, Sr. — 372 kills, .218 hitting, 322 digs.
Andie Thomas, Syracuse, OH, Sr. — 311 digs, 365 kills, .266 hitting.
Jayda Tupea, Lone Peak, OH, Sr. — 259 kills, 302 digs, 47 aces, 29 blocks.
Emeline Hudson, Lone Peak, OH, Sr. — 356 kills, 38 blocks.
Levani Key, Bingham, OH, So. — 308 kills, 211 digs, 51 aces.
Bella Houtz, Pleasant Grove, S, Sr. — 1,053 assists, 296 digs, 42 blocks, 55 aces, 44 kills.
Elli Mortensen, Corner Canyon, OH, So. — 413 kills, .300 hitting, 242 digs.

6A Third Team
Zoey Burgess, Lone Peak, OPP, So.
Kambree Rodriguez, Syracuse, L, Jr.
Ireland McNees, Mountain Ridge, OH, Jr.
Ayva Cebollero, Fremont, S, Sr.
Madi Standifird, Skyridge, OH, Jr.
Kaieva Johnson, Riverton, L, Jr.
Hannah Hawkins, Lone Peak, S, Sr.

6A Honorable Mention
Sadie Dodson, Weber, OH, Jr.
Tehana Mo’o, Syracuse, OPP, Jr.
Avery Fowler, Pleasant Grove, L, Sr.
Brooklyn Fely, Pleasant Grove, M, Jr.
Lydia Longhurst, Weber, L, Sr.
Emma Grant, Skyridge, OH, Jr.
Natalie Hansen, Riverton, OH, Sr.
Aubrey Nielson, Davis, OH, Jr.
Genalyn Hardle, Copper Hills, S, Sr.
Savannah Anderton, Clearfield, MB, Sr.
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3A Player of the Year
Kinslee Drake, Union, OH, Sr.
Led Union to a third straight state championship as she finished with 343 kills, 23 blocks, 253 digs.

3A Humanitarian of the Year
Sofia Fouad, Judge Memorial
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3A First Team
Alex Trussell, Morgan, MB, Sr. — 406 kills, 69 aces, 62 block assists, 186 digs.
Kenisten Weaver, Union, S, Sr. — 38 kills, 542 assists, 24 aces, 28 blocks.
Madisyn Childs, Emery, MB/OH, Sr. — 256 kills, 169 blocks, 249 digs.
Devree Gines, South Summit, S, So. — Averaged 18 assists, 4 blocks, 6 kills .
Nicole Willardson, Richfield, OH, Jr. — 475 kills, 228 digs.
Alyvia Jaffa, Morgan, MB, So. — 377 kills, 41 aces, 89 block assists.
Jada Bailey, North Sanpete, L, Sr. — 7 digs per set, 2.1 passing average.

3A Second Team
Millie Stevens, Union, M, Sr. — 182 kills, 18 aces, 42 blocks, 50 digs.
Grace Thomsen, Union, OH, Jr. — 239 kills, 63 aces, 21 blocks, 121 digs.
Rees Bockwoldt, Ogden, OH, Jr. — 453 kills, 268 digs, 27 aces.
Elizabeth Mataele, Juan Diego, MB/OH, Sr. — 430 kills, 55 aces, 229 digs, 27 assists.
Whitnee Birchell, Union, L, Sr. — 300 digs, 24 aces, 1.87% passing.
Tailey Worthen, South Summit, L, Sr. — Averaged 12 digs per game.
Lyndee Mower, Carbon, OH, Sr. — 491 digs, 68 aces, 223 kills.

3A Third Team
Paige Shumway, Grand, L/S, Sr.
Tambrie Tuttle, Emery, MB/OH, Sr.
Mekai Laupapa, North Sanpete, RS, Sr.
TimberLee Peterson, Morgan, S, Jr.
Baylee Jacobson, Emery, S, Sr.
Mallory Smith, Union, M, So.
Olivia Blackford, Ogden, L, Jr.

3A Honorable Mention
Parker Labrum, Union, DS, Sr.
Sydney Knutson, Richfield, S, Sr.
Rachel Anderson, Morgan, Libero, Jr.
Adrienne Shelley, Manti, RS, Sr.
Madison Orth, Carbon, OH, So.
Soledad VanOrden, Ogden, OH, Jr.
Keelie Bunker, Delta, Libero, Sr.
Brooke Flygare, South Summit, MB, Sr.
Klowie Pike, Judge Memorial, S, Jr.
Tennille Gonder, Delta, OPP, So.
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1A Player of the Year
Gabby Renaud, ICS, OH, Sr.
Led ICS to 1A state championship, finishing the season with 314 kills with a .349 hitting percentage, 350 digs and 53 aces.

1A Humanitarian of the Year
Emily Carter, Milford
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1A First Team
JaLeana Tsosie, Milford, OH, Sr. — 337 kills, .239 hitting percentage, 55 aces, 446 digs.
Tera Morgan, Piute, S/OH, Jr. — .347 hitting percentage, 13.1 kills per game.
Hailee Eyre, Panguitch, OH, Sr. — 281 kills, .164 hitting percentage.
Amelia Valente, ICS, S, Sr. — 675 assists, 55 aces, 184 digs.
Abigail Holman, Panguitch, Setter, Sr. — 503 assists, 94 aces.
Brittney Lamborn, Rich, OH, Sr. — 61 aces, 173 points, 312 kills, 256 digs.
DJ Henrie, Panguitch, Libero, Jr. — 462 digss

1A Second Team
Annie Peart, Rich, MB, Sr. — 56 aces, 292 kills, 214 digs, 55 blocks.
Kassidy Westwood, Piute, S/OH, Sr. — 95% serve percentage.
Abbie Rhoades, Tabiona, MB, Sr. — 300 kills, 61 blocks, 60 aces, 265 digs.
Tayla McKee, Rich, Setter, Sr. — 537 assists, 125 serve points, 253 digs.
Rachel Jensen, ICS, OH, Sr. — 109 kills, 29 aces, 163 digs.
Sophia Gardner, Altamont, OH, Sr. — 155 kills, 52 blocks, 231 digs, 11 aces.
Erica Callinan, ICS, MB, Sr. — .261 hitting percentage, 173 kills, 38 blocks, 225 digs.

1A Third Team
Brooklyn Jessen, Piute, MB, Jr.
Dixie Huffaker, Rich, MB, Sr.
Adelaide Englestead, Panguitch, S, Jr.
Mikki Prows, Escalante, MB, Sr.
Ruth Cox, Valley, OH/S, Jr.
Mersadie Rhoades, Tabiona, S, Jr.
Paige James, Milford, S, Sr.

1A Honorable Mention
Zoee Torgerson, Escalante, MB, Sr.
Alexis Allen, Panguitch, MB, Jr.
Ali Barry, Monticello, MB, Jr.
Kenzie Lyman, Escalante, OH/S, Sr.
Leslie Luna, Wendover, OH, Sr.
Brittyn Heaton, Valley, OH, Sr.
Britlynn Bettridge, Valley, MB, Jr.
Jentry Saul, Valley, RS, Sr.
Ashton Winckel, Piute, RS, Sr.
Tabetha Henrie, Panguitch, OH/MB, So.
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4A Player of the Year
Nia Damuni, Ridgeline, S, Jr.
Led Ridgeline to state title by racking up 799 assists, 221 digs, 69 kills and 40 aces. Tallied 117 assists in state tournament.

4A Humanitarian of the Year
Malynn Ewer, Ridgeline
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4A First Team
Julia Jacobsen, Desert Hills, MB, Sr. — .233 hitting, 250 kills, 69 aces, 101 blocks, 224 digs.
Mira Smullin, Ridgeline, MB, Jr. — .423 hitting, 213 kills.
Jenna Thorkelson, Snow Canyon, S, Sr. — 747 assists, 47 aces, 73 kills, 240 digs.
Melanie Hiatt, Sky View, OH, Jr. — 334 kills, 381 digs, 62 aces, 45 blocks.
Ella Douglass, Mountain Crest, MB, Sr. — .374 hitting, 286 kills, 66 aces.
Madeline Wallentine, Crimson Cliffs, L, Sr. — 438 digs, 355 serves received, 55 aces.
Olivia Davies, Ridgeline, L, Jr. — 47 digs, 324 digs, 66 aces.

4A Second Team
Meg Carter, Hurricane, S, Sr. — 526 assists, 146 kills, 48 aces, 49 blocks, 322 digs.
Maleia Thurber, Desert Hills, MB, Sr. — .289 hitting, 156 kills, 42 blocks.
Angie Georgopoulou, Snow Canyon, OH, Jr. — 280 kills, 57 aces, 245 digs.
Kaylee Coats, Green Canyon, S/OPP, Sr. — 665 assists, 122 kills, 58 aces.
Alli Anthon, Green Canyon, OPP, So. — 269 kills, 30 blocks.
Maggie Larsen, Ridgeline, MB, Jr. — .339 hitting, .352 in state tournament.
McKayla Allred, Desert Hills, LIB, Sr. — 64 aces, 376 digs, 1.90 serve receive.

4A Third Team
Kiera Crosbie, Mountain Crest, OH, Sr.
Gracee Putnam, Ridgeline, OH, Sr.
Julia Howe, Ridgeline, OPP, So.
Ella Bingham, Sky View, MB, Jr.
Phoebe Starnes, Mountain Crest, L, Sr.
Anna Jenson, Desert Hills, OPP, Jr.
Emery Harrison, Cedar, OH, So.

4A Honorable Mention
Brooke Haguewood, Desert Hills, OH, Sr.
Abigail Doxey, Sky View, OH, Sr.
Kylee Atkinson, Mountain Crest, S, Jr.
Scotland Gubler, Hurricane, MB, Sr.
Lauren Larkin, Dixie, MB, So.
Halle Wilkinson, Pine View, OH, Jr.
Elle Anderson, Dixie, Setter, Sr.
Saidey Spencer, Desert Hills, S/OPP, Jr.
Camryn Sutterfield, Snow Canyon, MB, Sr.
Lexie Tueller, Pine View, L, Sr.